Friday, 13th April 2018

The Green Man’s Australian Negroni

We’re putting a Green Man’s twist on the classic Negroni cocktail.

FIRST, some fun facts about the classic. Originally invented in Florence, Italy 1919, this punchy continental is said to have been invented when Count Camillo Negroni asked his bartender friend to strengthen his favourite cocktail the ‘Americano’.

And strengthen it he did! No need for soda water we say, replace it with gin and an orange garnish and there you have it.. the ‘Negroni’ is born.


And now for the twist…

Renew your gin membership with the:


Made with:

Four Pillars Gin- Yarra Valley, Victoria

Italian Bitter Orange- Adelaide Hills Distillery

Maidenii Vermouth- Victoria, Australia


Keeping things local both with produce and from behind the bar is a big deal to us!

So we hope you’ll love this home grown twist on a gin lovers classic.