Monday, 30th April 2018

Thanks Sydney and Melbourne Vegan Guide

Pub grub with a touch of fancy and an amazing Mediterranean influence.

Sydney Vegan Guide checked out the all vegetarian/vegan pub and we must say we were very impressed. The team has managed to build a buzzing venue filled with friendly locals and devout regulars just a short 5 months after opening. The vibe is contagious and it’s so humbling to see a plant-based venue thriving in the middle of Carlton.

We won’t keep you waiting… the food takes ‘pub grub’ to a whole new level. Bursting in colours, flavours and textures. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with an abundance of interesting choices. Oh, and we should mention… they have vegan wine (marked vg on the wine list!).

We tried the butternut squash and tahini spread, mezze plate, fattoush salad, cauliflower steak, dumplings and the chickpea flour pancake. And yes, we had to try dessert! Whilst choosing a favourite was hard, we would have to go with the fattoush salad and chickpea pancake.

Usually when you go to a pub you expect meals that you could easily prepare at home… basic and simple. This is far from it.

The owners are no strangers to the hospitality industry and it was pleasant to see how passionate they are, and aware of the positive impact a plant-based diet can have on your mood, health and of course, the environment. It was great to see them taking one for the team and helping staff around the venue on what was a very busy Saturday night.

Staff are extremely attentive and the atmosphere is truly one you will enjoy. We would 100% go back and definitely recommend you give it a shot… we might even see you there!

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